Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wa. fang ting sleep so late. haha:D me not studying... keep forgetting too. whole day on com. i shall start doing work. im planning to make something before i come back to sch or when the next time we meet. ideas please:)
your ekky ahmah

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Yeah, it's 4 am.
Great isn't it! Hahaha :)
I like this kinda time :DDD
Not late, yet not early :)))
Sister slping on my bed, so I have no where to slp except the floor.
Well, doesnt make much of a diff anyway since my 'bed' is a matress xDD
Hahaha :P
Well, hope you guys are enjoying your hols!
For me, I'm kinda wasting my life or something xDD
Kidding! Lols xDD I study too you know.
Doing math exercises everyday.
Really need to buck up xDD Haha :)
Recently started watching Shane Dawson.
Really....unique person. Haha :)
And as some of you know, Xavier's in Melbourne.
Shao Shao told me he's coming back 2 weeks later though.
So let's all treasure the time we have left together with him okay?
*That sounds like we're all gonna die or something :O Lols :X*
But you all know what I mean righttt.
So....yeah. That's all I have to say :)
Bye :)


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Hey guys,
The class blog is
completed! Now,
the jh104-ians
can enjoy greater
mobility in posting
their vids,pics and
also vile slander
of some other house

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